About Us

Cardiovascular Logistics (CVL) is the most comprehensive cardiovascular platform in the country. We provide the logistics to integrate the nation’s best cardiology practices into one robust cardiovascular solution. CVL is fundamentally changing how cardiovascular care is delivered in the United States.

CVL has built a proven all-inclusive model that operates in multiple states. We leverage the expertise of the existing platform practices across five strategic pillars; service, people, quality, growth, and finance.

Our Mission

The CVL platform is grounded in our mission of providing our patients with the highest quality cardiovascular care available. To that end, we make five distinct pledges.

to assure the best means of diagnosis and treatment

so that our experience and commitment help create the next generation of techniques and technologies.

by our never-ending pursuit of knowledge and our ongoing commitment to share state-of-the-art medical care with present and future leaders in the field of medicine, our community and our patients.

to keep forever before us the goal of achieving the best possible medical results with the least possible discomfort.

by word and deed, of our respectful appreciation for our patients as fellow beings who have honored us with their trust in our abilities and humanity.